Sports&Turf is a blend of 90% medium to coarse sub angular sand with 10% British Sugar TOPSOIL. Sports&Turf is ideal for use as a dressing on soil-based winter sports pitches, golf fairways, tee’s and tee construction.

Due to the stringent, fully-audited standards rigorously maintained throughout the TOPSOIL business, Sports&Turf has a dependable quality, assured by regular independent analysis.

As a natural product Sports&Turf does contain annual weed seeds which will emerge. These are easily managed using normal weed-control methods.

Sports&Turf is independently analysed by both STRI and Tim O’Hare Associates.

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  • Delivery: minimum order of 20-tonne load or 28 bulk bags
  • Collection: no minimum order

STRI Statement
STRI Statement

"Sports&Turf is suitable for use on natural soil constructions and offers the advantage of providing nutritional benefit to the turf, as evidenced by turf green-up seen on test plots in Autumn 2017"

Soil scientist Dr Christian Spring BSc (Hons), PhD

Typical rates of application

Our Sports&Turf accreditations:

Accreditation Grounds Management Association corporate plus Accreditation STRI Accreditation BIGGA Accreditation BIGGA Regional Patron 2024

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