Soil Carbon
Why measure Soil Carbon?

The focus on soil health and climate change is bringing more attention to the levels of carbon stored in soil.

Through measuring soil carbon stocks we can better understand our product and its carbon sequestration potential

Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide

To do this you need to monitor the soil organic carbon

Working with Tim O’Hare Associates we will analyse, at the point of despatch, the carbon contained in Landscape20 every 6 months.

Analytical Schedule

    • Organic Carbon stock
    • Bulk Density
    • Total Carbon
    • Soil Organic Carbon
    • Soil Inorganic carbon
    • Active carbon
    • Organic matter
    • Total Nitrogen
    • Carbon: Nitrogen Ration

Types of Carbon

  • Organic Carbon Stock (t/ha)
    • Provides a total organic carbon value in tonnes of carbon per hectare
    • Theis calculation factors in the measured soil organic carbon %, stone content, topsoil depth (300mm) and bulk density
  • Total Carbon
    • Measure of all carbon forms, inorganic and organic, within a soil
  • Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)
    • Is the carbon component of soil organic matter
    • Diverse group of carbon based compounds from the decomposition of plant material, FYM, soil fauna
    • The levels of SOC are influenced by environmental and management practices
    • Adding of composts / FYM / Rainfall / Temperature
  • Soil Inorganic Carbon (SIC)
    • Comprises carbonates and bicarbonates which are found in alkaline soils
  • Active Carbon
    • This is the carbon that readily breaks down and is accessible to soil microbes
    • It is a useful indicator of soil health
    • It is influenced by soil management, cultivation and the addition of organic matter
  • Soil Organic Matter
    • Is a complex mixture of many forms of organic matter found in soils both living and dead
    • Roots, microorganisms, leaf litter
    • Helps to hold moisture and Nutrients
  • Total Nitrogen (N)
    • Measure of all forms of N (organic & inorganic)
    • Main nutrient for plant growth
    • OM will influence
  • C:N Ratio
    • The proportion of Organic Carbon to Nitrogen

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