HortLoam is a BS3882:2015 compliant sandy loam, planting topsoil. With optimum reserves of organic matter and nutrients, HortLoam it is ideal for planting rootball trees, shrub beds, retained planters and vegetable planting projects.

HortLoam, with its additional reserves of organic matter in the form of PAS 100 compliant ‘green’ compost, provides the optimum nutrient levels for establishing young plants and encouraging healthy root growth. With a typical percolation rate of 1.44mm/hour HortLoam has an open and free-draining structure.

HortLoam is disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination. Typically the texture is sandy loam.

As a fully natural product HortLoam does contain annual weeds but these are easily managed using normal weed-control methods.

HortLoam is analysed to the newly revised British Standard for topsoil BS3882:2015.

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  • Delivery: minimum order of 20-tonne load or 28 bulk bags
  • Collection: no minimum order

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