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British Sugar TOPSOIL are the first topsoil & subsoil suppliers to gain the NHBC Accepts certificate

The first topsoil suppliers to gain the        NHBC Accepts certificate

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The UK's leading supplier of topsoil and topdressing products

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We supply BS3882:2015 compliant sustainable topsoil and topdressing products to the landscaping, gardening, construction and sports industries. Our products can be delivered or collected (minimum order is a 8 wheeler/ ridged tipper load or 28 bulk bags).

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✓ Soil based pitch dressing
✓ Fairway dressing
✓ Tee construction


A blend of 90% medium and coarse sand with 10% British Sugar TOPSOIL, Sports&Turf's combination of specialist sand and soil is ideal for grass establishment and maintenance.

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✓ Seeding
✓ Turfing
✓ Sports Pitch Construction


A multi-purpose topsoil, ideal for landscaping and sports field construction projects. Continually developed over the past decade, this BS3882:2015 compliant Topsoil has become the most successful product of its type in the UK.

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✓ Lawn maintenance
✓ Lawn construction


A high quality, sand based, multi-purpose dressing, designed for use on lawns. LawnDressing is a blend of 90% medium and coarse sand with 10% British Sugar TOPSOIL.

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✓ Shrub beds
✓ Raised beds
✓ Planting trees and ornamentals
✓ Vegetable planting projects


HortLoam, with its additional reserves of organic matter in the form of PAS 100 compliant 'green' compost, provides the optimum nutrient levels for establishing young plants and encouraging healthy root growth. BS3882:2015 compliant.

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✓ Free Draining Subsoil


Free Draining Subsoil is designed for use on projects where a free draining subsoil is needed such as lawns, sports pitches and tree pits.

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A 80:20 sand soil blend. It is designed to repair high wear areas especially damaged goal mouths and skill training areas.

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Some of our accreditations:

Accreditation bali registered Accreditation Grounds Management Association corporate plus Accreditation SGD sponsor 2017 awards Accreditation STRI Accreditation tim ohare associates Accreditation BIGGA Accreditation BIGGA Regional Patron 2024

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