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Soil Microbiology Report

Fri 20 August 2021

Soil Microbiology Report

Analysis to monitor, understand, and develop our products is something we are passionate about at British Sugar TOPSOIL. We have for many years analysed for nutrients, contaminants and other growing properties within all our products. 

Following a conversation and recommendation from Dr Christian Spring of the STRI we decided that a better understanding of the amount and activity of the Soil Microbiology within our subsoil, topsoil and topdressing products was needed.

Working with Hampshire based, SoilBioLab, we submitted samples of our products and a local arable soil to establish and compare the amount of:

  • Active Bacteria
  • Total Bacteria
  • Active Fungi
  • Total Fungi
  • Hyphal Diameter. This is a physical measure of the branching filamentous structure of a fungus. In simple terms the wider the fungus the more mature it is.

As moisture content and temperature can have a major influence on the amount and activity of the Soil Microbiology, we have further sampling and analysis planned for the winter and spring.

Click the links below to view the first set of results.









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