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The Peterborough Football & Sport Development Foundation (PFSDF), Nene Valley Community Centre

Supplied 80t of Sports & Turf delivered on 8 wheeler lorries on 19/4/17 and spread by local contractor Mel Pooley Sports & Turf was spread post over seeding that was done using a disc slit seeder to ensure good soil to seed contact.

The Sports & Turf has been applied to open the pitches soil profile up and therefore improve drainage. Applying post seeding will also protect the seed from birds
and help seed germination.

Mel reported that the dressing flowed through the machine well and spread evenly.

Sports&Turf is a blend of 80% medium and coarse sand with 20% British Sugar TOPSOIL.The sand is predominantly medium to coarse (67%) and sub angular in shape, which assists free drainage and promotes good integration into the surface of the turf.

The soil within the blend contains both phosphorous and potassium, which contributes to soil fertility and encourages healthy growth.


Club pitches, Bury St Edmunds RUFC

Bury St Edmunds Rugby Union Football Club is thriving. Its ground at The Haberden, Southgate Green, is home to the Club’s 1st XV, which plays in National League 2 South, four senior men’s teams, a ladies’ team, and an active mini rugby and youth section, with over 300 young people in both. Annually in May it runs an International Sevens competition that attracts many national sides, Premiership clubs and specialist Sevens teams.

Needless to say the three grass pitches, originally constructed in 1965, get plenty of wear throughout the year. Groundsman Oliver Deeming wanted to improve drainage across the two Seniors’ pitches and give the newly-seeded turf a boost:

“It’s been over two years since we applied a topdressing to our pitches and we needed a product that would open up the soil profile and improve fertility after over-seeding” Oliver explained. “Sports & Turf has the high levels of medium to coarse sand we needed to improve drainage, plus 20% soil in the blend to provide the nutrient value and help germination. I was very impressed with how easily the dressing flowed through the dresser and bedded into the grass sward.”

Oliver applied 80 tonnes of Sports & Turf on 10th May 2017 after over-seeding using a TURFCO WideSpin 1550 Topdresser supplied by Ransomes Jacobsen. Sports & Turf is a blend of 80% sand and 20% of British Sugar TOPSOIL’s BS3882:2015 certified topsoil. The sand is predominantly medium to coarse (67%) and sub angular in shape, which assists free drainage and promotes good integration into the surface of the turf. The soil within the blend contains both phosphorous and potassium, which contributes to soil fertility and encourages healthy growth.


Private residence, Newark, Nottinghamshire

John Oxley of JE Oxley Landscaping has worked with garden designer Rosemary Blakesley for 25 years and both agreed    Landscape20 would be the perfect topsoil for their latest project - the restoration of the gardens surrounding a Georgian rectory.

Over 500 tonnes have been used to create formal lawns, traditional herbaceous borders, a children’s play area and a kitchen garden.

“We used Landscape20 topsoil because it is fully certified to BS 3882:2015, which means we can be confident it will be of a high standard and produce good results” explained John.

John’s long association with Rosemary means he is acutely aware of her insistence on the quality, consistency and sustainability of all materials used in her projects: “We can buy much cheaper soil but we can’t be sure that it won’t be contaminated or contain glass. Landscape20’s certification gives me, the homeowners and Rosemary peace of mind. She works to very high standards so the fact that she can see a full analysis of the product helps her make informed decisions.”

Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge

Sean Spurdle of Nurture Landscapes is using Landscape20 for a five year landscaping contract at the Wellcome Genome Campus, where he is Nurture’s site manager.

In 2015 the company began landscaping the extensive grounds around the new buildings in the South Field area of the campus using Landscape20 for turfing and tree and shrub planting. Over 2,000 tonnes have been used to date.

Sean selected Landscape20 because of its certification to BS3882:2015, its sustainability and its suitability for the range of applications required.

“Landscape20 is a good product. It’s easy to use, dry, friable and doesn’t have any significant sinkage. As a general purpose topsoil, this product couldn’t be improved. It’s perfect for the general landscaping we carry out at South Field. We also find the TOPSOIL sales team very easy to work with and responsive to our needs.”

Driveway and House Approach, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Driveway and House Approach, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

In order to be assured of achieving outstanding results, Mark Richardson of Stewart Landscape Construction, opted forLandscape20 as his topsoil of choice for the transformation of the driveway and approach for a house located in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

The main design considerations for DeakinLock were to create a grander approach to the house, whilst retaining the views across the park, along with a simple, contemporary garden that has sympathy with the architecture of the house.
500 tonnes of Landscape 20 was utilised for this project which won the ‘Association of Professional Landscapers Supreme Winner’ category at their 2014 awards ceremony.

Landscape20 was used in the areas where a semi-mature hornbeam hedge was saved and 18 seven meter high Tilia cordata were planted to create the avenue, along with eight box head specimens for the drive approach.
Mark commented that ‘Having successfully used Landscape20 for over 10 years I knew that I would get high quality consistent topsoil’.

Trumpington Meadows Primary SchoolTrumpington Meadows Primary School

Landscape20 was the topsoil of choice for Matthew Selby the General Manager for Oakview Landscapes in his latest project at Trumpington Meadows Primary School. Landscape20 was laid at a depth of 450mm in the planting areas and a depth of 150mm in the seeded areas.

A mixture of groundcover, ornamental shrubs and native trees were planted in the school grounds.

Approximately 1,100 tonnes of topsoil was supplied for the project. Matthew said, “We found the topsoil to be very good to use, friable, light and high quality and would recommend to clients/architects for it to be used on future projects. The deliveries were made when and where required, it was a very helpful service.

We have found British Sugar to be a very good supplier of topsoil and very reliable in
terms of delivery, and the topsoil exceeds the BS:3882:2015 specification”.

Easton and Otley College

Otley College before and after An area of the Otley campus site previously used to house livestock is being transformed into six 'make & break' gardens for the horticultural students to showcase their skills.

Approximately one acre in size,the area was stripped of concrete and levelled prior to receiving 1100 tonnes of Landscape20 to a depth of 4 inches.

Landbased Manager, Stuart Hayward-Rutter said ‘We decided on using the Landscape20 for this project as we have found the product to be reliable, consistent and of high quality with the added importance of meeting the British Standard BS3882:2015. We also found the haulier to be second-to-none with a friendly and professional approach.’

A British Sugar TOPSOIL donation to Project Dirt

Hover over photo to view additonal photo
British Sugar TOPSOIL being delivered

British Sugar TOPSOIL kindly donated Landscape20 topsoil to Project Dirt to help them transform an inner city area.

A member of the Project Dirt team said: "We received a first class service and we are absolutely delighted with the excellent quality of the topsoil. It gave us a perfect bed for our new turf and we were so impressed that we ordered another batch of the same topsoil for the other area of the garden."

“The fantastic donation of topsoil made a huge difference to our project and enabled us to build and plant on a much larger scale than originally planned. We are now enjoying new plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers. The club coordinators, residents, the TRA and all our volunteers would like to say a big thank you to British Sugar TOPSOIL.”

The scrub area was cleared, cultivated and 40 tonnes of Landscape20 was then placed to a depth of 300mm with turf laid on the top to provide a perfect finish. Five large raised beds and 15 smaller green bag planters were created and filled with British Sugar topsoil and the transformation has made a real difference to how people feel about the area.

A British Sugar topsoil donation to Gardenaid Allotment Project, Weybourne

Greenaid Allotment Project Before Raised BedsCompleted raised beds
Before (hover over photo to view After)

British Sugar TOPSOIL kindly donated 29 tonnes Landscape20 topsoil to the Gardenaid allotment project in Weybourne to transform the area.

Helen Moore Parish Clerk said: "I like to express my gratitude and appreciation on behalf of Weybourne Parish Council and Tony Hadlow for your assistance in our allotment project. Your support and kind donation of topsoil was invaluable and the allotment area has been truly transformed. Two raised beds have been taken by parishioners and villagers are very pleased with their new facility.”

A customer’s property in Fincham, Downham Market

Fincham, Downham MarketIn 2012,Landscape20 was the topsoil of choice for Dr Andrew Chantry’s property in FinchamDownham Market.

Landscape20 has been used to transform a former shrub area back into lawn space.

Dr Andrew Chantry said: "We received a first class service and we are absolutely delighted with the excellent quality of the topsoil we received from British Sugar TOPSOIL. It gave us a perfect bed for our new turf and we were so impressed that we ordered another batch of the same topsoil for the other side of thegarden."

Scrub area was cleared and cultivated and 40 tonnes of Landscape20 was then placed to a depth of 300mm with turf laid on the top to provide a perfect finish.

Ely City Golf Club, Cambridgeshire

Ely City Golf Club, Cambridgeshire

Ely City Golf Club is a 72-par parkland course designed by Henry Cotton, located on the outskirts of the city.
Founded in 1962 as a 9-hole course, part of the site had been a prisoner-ofwar camp. The present 18-hole course was created in 1973.

Recently, the club decided on a major programme of bunker reconstruction. TOPSOIL’S Landscape20 was recommended to Andrew Baker, Ely’s Course Manager but before proceeding Andrew visited the Wissington facility where the soil is produced. He followed this by having soil samples independently analysed to confirm its provenance.

Having gained favourable results from the comprehensive analysis, Andrew initiated deliveries of Landscape20 and 430 tonnes was used to reconstruct 18 bunkers.

Andrew gave the following reasons for choosing Landscape20: “Landscape20’s sandy loam texture makes for a soil that is easy to handle and consolidate into the shape needed. ”Andrew continues: “The establishment and subsequent growth of the turf has been very impressive. The roots of the turf had anchored into the Landscape20 within 1-2 weeks of laying. Turf laid in the autumn had rooted to a depth of six inches by the following spring. Because of the good results we will be using Landscape20 not just on future bunker reconstruction work but also to construct and extend xour tee areas”

“We have also started to use TOPSOIL’s Sports10 as a spring & summer topdressing and as a divot mix on tees and the approaches. The 80/20 soil mix has achieved great seed establishment in dry conditions. Finally, one of the most impressive factors of the whole project has been the outstanding consistency of the products and service.”

Barnsdale Hall Hotel, Rutland

Barnsdale Hall Hotel, RutlandSince 2008, Landscape20 has been the topsoil of choice for Leon Dempsey and his team of gardeners at the prestigious Barnsdale Hall Hotel, Rutland.

Landscape20 has been used across the 60 acre site for reseeding and planting work.

Leon Dempsey, Grounds Manager at the hotel, said “We are particularly impressed with the nutrient levels in Landscape20 and its ability to hold moisture. Because the existing soil is very thin these two features promote excellent growth of both grass and border plants”.

If reseeding, Landscape20 is used to a depth of 150mm to 200mm. When planting into borders then Landscape20 is used to a depth of 300mm.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council, Suffolk

St Edmundsbury Borough Council, Suffolk

During the site investigation of a new development within the Borough of St Edmundsbury heavy metal contamination was found across the site and also in the back gardens of adjacent properties.

Following discussions with the householders, the Borough Council agreed to remove the contamination to a depth of 600mm and in-fill with clean topsoil.

The contaminated soil was removed and sent to a soilwashing plant to minimise the amount sent to landfill. When it came to sourcing the replacement topsoil, James Lemon, St Edmundsbury’s Environmental Officer, said “Because British Sugar TOPSOIL is from a known, clean source I had full confidence that it would meet the specification set for the imported subsoil and topsoil. We’ve worked with British Sugar before so have first-hand experience of their ability to meet our needs”. Having removed the contaminated soil to a depth of 600mm, a subsoil from British Sugar TOPSOIL was laid to a depth of 400mm and then finished with a topping of Landscape20 to a depth of 200mm. The gardens were then returned to their owners for planting.

Prince’s House, BRE Innovation Park

Prince's HouseThe Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment used 40t of Landscape20 as the soil base for a Natural Garden complementing the demonstration Prince's House at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, Herts.

The garden is composed of several biodiverse elements, a mini physic garden, fruit trees, fruit shrubs, edible and wildlife friendly hedging, a vegetable garden and a frontispiece cottage garden.

Overall, the garden intends to be a model of how to integrate public and private green spaces into existing and regenerated ecological matrices across the countryside-urban continuum. The bulk of the garden was installed atop hardcore rubble, much of which came from material removed from London in the 1940s. Landscape20's sustainable sourcing was a main selector for the project. The Foundation was pleased with the quick turnaround on delivery, and found the sandy loam soil suitable for intensive horticultural landscaping with a topdressing of two-year composted manure

Buckingham Group - Silverstone Race Circuit, Northamptonshire

SilverstoneA total of 460t of Landscape20 was used as the topsoil of choice for the turfing areas around the new £27 million paddock and pit area development opened in May 2011.

Contractors Buckingham Plant Group chose Landscape20 because of its consistent quality and good fertility.

Paul Wheeler, Chairman, Buckingham Group Contracting Limited, said “ we have used topsoil from British Sugar on several projects so did not hesitate in selecting Landscape20 for this prestigious job.

The Silverstone Wing, designed by architects Populous, ensures that teams and sponsors are provided with world-class facilities, including new garages, a race control building, new podium, media centre, and hospitality and VIP spectator zones.

With 4000m2 of glazed exhibition space, a conference centre with 2000m2 of flexible space and a 100 seat auditorium, this iconic building provides a wealth of possibilities to create unique and stunning events.

Silverstone Wing Facts and Figures

•    The Silverstone Wing measures 390 metres in length

•    The tallest part of the building measures 26 metres (above ground)

•    The height of the 'Fin' measures 30 metres (above ground)

•    The roof area spans 9,700 square metres

•    Approximate floor space for ‘functional areas’:

Silverstone41 garages covering 6,200 square metres
Media Centre covers 2,780 square metres
Spectator and hospitality zones cover 8,200 square metres
Race Control covers 950 square metres

•    3,450 cubic metres of concrete used in construction

•    1,200 tonnes of steel erected

•    8,000 tonnes of tarmac will be used on site

•    The build programme, from start to finish, was 54 weeks (end of April 2010, to Spring of 2011)

The Buckingham Group is one of the fastest growing Land Regeneration, Construction and Rail Contractors in the UK. Operating from near Silverstone, The Company offers a versatile and capable Civil Engineering, Remediation and Building service to a variety of Public and Private Clients across most of England and Wales.

Sainsbury Laboratory, Botanical Gardens, Cambridge

S&M Contractors of Halstead, Essex chose Landscape20 for the landscaping work of the new Sainsbury Laboratory.Andy Ledgerton, Contract Manager at S&M Contractors, said “the imported topsoil had to meet the client Kier Build and their landscape architect’s very exacting standards. TOPSOIL’s comprehensive analysis ensured it met these standards”Trees were planted within a paved area, requiring modular root-deflector planters to prevent root disturbance of the paving. Root growth is diverted downward and outward thus avoiding unsightly and hazardous root damage.

Plastic honeycomb crates were used in the bottom of the tree pits, filled with Landscape20, to ensure free-drainage. The root deflectors were then placed on top of this drainage layer and also filled with Landscape20 to ground level.

St Oswald Retirement Village, Gloucester

Wyevale Landscapes, working for main contractors Leadbitter, used 3,000t of Landscape20 from British Sugar TOPSOIL for the soft landscaping at the St Oswald ‘Retirement Village, being built for the ExtraCare Charitable Trust with a number of development partners. Steve Tonks, Contract Manager, Wyevale Landscapes, explained “because of the contaminated areas on site, any imported topsoil had to be compliant to BS3882:2007 and the nature of the soft landscaping made it essential the topsoil came from a consistent source to ensure even growth across all areas. British Sugar’s Landscape20 met all our specification needs".

Placed at an average depth of 450mm, Landscape20 was used in planters, for turfing and shrub beds. Because of the contamination, some areas were capped by a membrane before the Landscape20 was placed.

Maggie's Cancer Care Centre

FacerHoffman Landscape Design and their appointed landscape contractors, Graduate Gardeners, used Landscape20 to create a stimulating landscape at the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Cheltenham.Christine Facer, of FacerHoffman, specified the use of Landscape20 as the design brief needed a general-use, sustainable, recycled, nutrient-rich topsoil ideal for sculpting into mounds and also suitable for turfing.

Ross Dustan of Graduate Gardeners added “Landscape20 from British Sugar TOPSOIL was chosen because of its high quality and ease of use. To successfully deliver this innovative design we needed a consistent topsoil. Overall we were very pleased with the topsoil and service we received from British Sugar".

Uppingham School, Rutland

White Horse Contractors Ltd, working for the main contractorBowmer & Kirkland, have successfully used 2,000t of Landscape20 to create a new playing field as part of a new sports complex at Uppingham School in Rutland.Following delivery to an agreed schedule, Landscape20 was laid to a depth of 225mm using a laser-guided grading blade. Sand was then applied to a depth of 75mm and ameliorated with the top 75mm of the Landscape20 to create an ideal base for the seeding.Seeding was done in early October with a dwarf perennial ryegrass. A good sward of grass was established by early November.

Colin McBeth, Contracts Manager of White Horse Contractors Ltd said “The original site soil was not suitable for a playing field but having successfully used Landscape20 on other projects we recommended its use for this project due to its consistency, sandy loam nature and low stone content”.

Henry Wipple School, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire-based landscape contractors Ulyett Landscapes used over 1,000t of Landscape20 to create a new sports field for the Henry Wipple School in Bestwood, Nottingham.Because the site was badly contaminated, the City Council specified that all imported topsoil for this project must be fully analysed and low in any chemical contamination. Martin Hall, Landscape Manager for Ulyett Landscapes, said “having used British Sugar TOPSOIL in the past we had confidence that the high specification set by the City Council would be met by its Landscape20 product”. Before laying the Landscape20, to a depth of 150mm, the site was covered in a membrane (see picture) to stop contamination of the new topsoil from below. Once placed, the Landscape20 was lightly cultivated and seeded.Founded in 1967, Ulyett Landscapes is one of the leading landscape contractors in the East Midlands; employing over 60 staff undertaking hard and soft landscaping projects as well as ground maintenance.

RUFC, Bury St Edmunds

British Sugar’s TOPSOIL business has been working closely with Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club to improve its three senior pitches where the depth of topsoil on the former landfill site is only 5 -10cm. A repair / maintenance programme was devised encompassing aeration, reseeding and the annual application of a top dressing to build up and improve the existing topsoil. TOPSOIL Sports10 was chosen as the topdressing because its sandy loam texture matched that of the existing soil type. The Sports10 was applied post-reseeding, at a rate of 80 tonnes per pitch, to protect the seed, conserve moisture and aid germination. In addition to the above programme, the club installed a pop-up irrigation system for the 1st XV pitch. Its installation has ensured grass growth throughout the dry hot summer months helping to maintain a full sward of grass. Phil Torkington, Club Chairman said “We are delighted with the results of our investment in the pitches and especially the work of Andy Spetch of British Sugar’s TOPSOIL business. We now have pitches and facilities to rival any in the Eastern Counties.”

New Victory Hall, Norfolk

TOPSOIL is supplying 280 tonnes of Landscape20 for the landscaping of the New Victory Hall in the village of Neatishead, Norfolk. The new hall is a contemporary design but, whilst being 21st century in appearance, will be one of the most eco-friendly village halls anywhere, built largely from timber-frame and straw.

A number of other important eco-friendly design features will also be incorporated, such as low energy lighting, solar (Ground Source Heat Pump) heating and green roofs. Use of natural heating and ventilation systems will be maximised to keep the energy requirement for the new building as low as possible.

Ian McFadyen, Project Co-ordinator, said “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to use a TOPSOIL product for our landscaping as it is of such consistent high quality and,most importantly, is a truly sustainable material which precisely matches our own ethos.

BRE Onsite'09

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) used 100 tonnes of TOPSOIL Landscape20 for an important project at its Insite ’09 event held in June 2009 at its facility in Watford, Herts.

The BRE’s Innovation Park is an extraordinary grouping of some of the world’s most sustainable buildings – zero and low carbon homes grouped around a landscaped area designed to provide a cohesive community space.

The international group PRP Architects Ltd was commissioned to undertake the project. The practice was very impressed with the quality and service from TOPSOIL and the fact that the product has such a strong sustainable pedigree. The chairman of BRE was delighted and made a special mention of the project at the opening ceremony.

Sports Pitches, Basingstoke, Hants

Hickman Brothers Landscapes Ltd have successfully used 4,500t of Landscape20 to create two new football pitches and a training pitch as part of a new housing development in Basingstoke.

Following the installation of a drainage system, the Landscape20 was delivered and laid to a depth of 100mm using a grading blade. Originally scheduled for July, this work was delayed until the October due to exceptional rainfall. The pitches will be seeded in the spring. Tom Hickman, Director, Hickman Bothers Landscapes Ltd, said “the site soil we were presented with was full of stones and unsuitable for football pitches. We recommended Landscape20 as the topsoil to import due to its low stone content and its consistent quality. This was forwarded to the client and accepted”.

Tiffin Girls School, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Working with NPS Property Consultants Ltd and sports ground contractor Gerald Davies Ltd, TOPSOIL delivered 2000 tonnes of Landscape20 to Tiffin Girls School, Kingston upon Thames.

The Landscape20 was used to create a grass playing area at the front of the school. NPS were appointed to project manage the improvement works to the school playing field. British Sugar TOPSOIL was specified following recommendations from a number of sources. NPS were assured that by specifying this topsoil the client would be guaranteed material of a consistently high quality. Sports Ground Contractor, Gerald Davies Ltd was given a two-week window to excavate and remove the existing soil and replace it with the Landscape20, which was placed to an average depth of 150mm by a dozer and then graded and harrowed for seeding.

Strategic Training Solutions, Clipstone, Notts

Strategic Training Solutions provides training to students between the ages of 14 and 24. They work with six local schools, totalling approximately 135 students each year, giving them hands-on experience to help them achieve their Horticultural qualifications.

They also complete commercial work so they can continue to offer training. In only eight months the students have developed an old landfill site into a recreational area for the community. In that time, 120 tonnes of TOPSOIL’s Landscape20 has been delivered to the site. It has been used for levelling large areas, planting and turfing. Paul Hadden, the training manager of the site at Clipstone allotments, comments on why they use Landscape20, “It was exactly what we were looking for - a good quality topsoil that is always consistent.”

G B Building Solutions Nottingham

G B Building Solutions is a national contractor committed to providing high-quality housing, which is both affordable and delivered on time. The site in Nottingham has been developed to offer 112 dwellings as a combination of flats, house and bungalows.

Over a period of 18months, TOPSOIL delivered over 1300 tonnes of Landscape20 to the site, providing all the topsoil that was needed for the whole project. This included the landscaping, turfing and planting of all the new gardens.

Paul Jarman, supervisor and assessor at St Ann’s, explains why they chose Landscape20, “We came to British Sugar TOPSOIL as we needed to ensure we had a good-quality topsoil that would meet the criteria set by Nottingham City Council. We were confident that in using Landscape20 we would not have to worry about any potential problems when the environmental officer visited the site.”

Westleigh New Homes, Leicestershire

Westleigh New Homes, part of the group Westleigh Developments Ltd, build modern, contemporary new homes across the Midlands. They are particularly committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and minimising the impact arising from their activities. As such, they are careful in their selection of suppliers in that they share these values.

Westleigh's Procurement Manager, Noel Cook comments, "Westleigh continues to use the Landscape20 product from British Sugar TOPSOIL on its development sites. We are pleased to work with them quite simply because they can supply competitively-priced imported topsoil that meets the exacting standards set by both local authorities & the NHBC. In addition, we get to see summaries of their rigorous testing documentation all of which gives us real confidence".

Gardens of Peace Cemetary, Essex

The Gardens of Peace Muslim Cemetery Trust, at Hainault in Essex, selected TOPSOIL Landscape20 for the landscaping of its cemetery site and the forming of graves.

The Gardens of Peace is a registered charitable trust. At 21.5 acres, it is the largest Muslim Cemetery in the UK, with enough space for over 10,000 graves.

Cemetery trustee, Mr Mehboob Patel said “We’ve already used over 800 tonnes of Landscape20 as it is easy to work with when forming graves and the rates of establishment and growth are very good”. The landscaped area is evolving into a wooded environment.

The project’s landscape architects, Austin-Smith:Lord, won the top Award in the internationally-recognised Stonegard Phoenix Competition for their work. The Cemetery has also won a Special Award from BALI for groundbreaking work in urban renewal.

All plots are marked by the same simple engraved stone. Trees are planted at 5m intervals between the graves and along with generous planting around the site boundary, are evolving into a wooded landscape.

'Offsite2007’ selects Landscape20 for Innovation Park

The British Research Establishment’s Innovation Park, at this year’s Offsite2007 event, chose Landscape20 from TOPSOIL to construct the landscape features and for use in the planted areas.

The Innovation Park consists of five demonstration buildings, including the first home to achieve a Level 6 rating under the new Code for Sustainable Homes, and a sustainable school of the future.

The Innovation Park’s Landscape Architect, Peter Wilder of Macfarlane Wilder, Urban & Environmental Land Planning, said “We chose Landscape20 because it is a high-quality sustainable topsoil which complements the philosophy of the park”.

The buildings and innovation park will be in place for two years and will be used for education purposes.

Opened by Yvette Cooper, Minister for Housing & Planning, the Innovation Park consists of buildings which conform to the “zero carbon” challenge, making them amongst the most sustainable buildings in the world. The houses on the BRE Innovation Park have been built to the Government's new Code for Sustainable Homes, introduced in April this year, making them the first houses to be assessed under this new voluntary regulation.

St John’s College Cambridge switches to TOPSOIL

Head Groundsman, Keith Ellis, of St John’s College Cambridge, has used SPORTS10 from British Sugar TOPSOIL, for a second year, to repair the goalmouths of the college’s football pitches and to take undulations out of the tennis courts.

Keith switched to SPORTS10 in 2006 following a number of bad experiences with a local supply of topsoil which contained glass and brick rubble.

He said “I decided to give SPORTS10 a go having viewed the product during a visit to British Sugar’s TOPSOIL business at Wissington, Norfolk, with the local IOG Branch in 2006."

Keith continues “Because all of British Sugar’sTOPSOIL products are derived from prime arable topsoil and not muckaway, I am able to have complete confidence that every load will be what I ordered and not contaminated. Since switching to SPORTS10 I have been able to simply place an order and then concentrate on other things. With my previous supplier I would have had to check every load for contamination before accepting it. As well as being impressed with the quality I am also very pleased with the results”.

Established in 1858 the sports pitches at St John’s cover an area of 28 acres providing a full range of sports for the students.

Lee Valley Athletics Centre, East London

Anglian Land Drainage chose TOPSOIL’s Landscape20 for the brand new Lee Valley Athletics Centre opened in January 2007.

The Essex-based contractor, who specialise in the drainage, construction and renovation of sports fields, used 2,000 tonnes of Landscape20 for the infield works of the outdoor running track. The topsoil was delivered in only five days by a fleet of 20 tonne fixed-axle trucks and was immediately placed by a laser-guided excavator to a depth of 150mm over the base drainage layer. It was then cultivated and seeded. Project Manager and Company Director, Matt Jaggard said “Landscape20 was selected for this project because it is a sandy loam that is clean, safe, fully analysed and virtually stone-free. These features meant we didn’t have to carry out any costly stone-picking and cultivations were kept to a minimum. At a dry time of year this meant that we were able to preserve as much moisture as possible to ensure good seed germination.

The Lee Valley Athletics Centre (LVAC), which was officially opened by Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell on 16 January 2007 and is the newest training facility in the south of England.

Elton Hall chooses TOPSOIL for new garden feature

The Elton Hall estate, near Peterborough, chose Landscape20 for the creation of a major new landscaped area, replacing a former rose garden.

The new project, designed by Lady Tollemache and Lady Proby and undertaken by landscape business R J Warren, based in Whittlesey, Peterborough, incorporated a water feature surrounded by rose & shrub beds edged with Indian sandstone and planters. The existing soil was dug out to a depth of 400mm and replaced with a total of 440 tonnes of Landscape20 delivered from Wissington, near Kings Lynn. Robert Warren specialises in landscape maintenance and construction projects and is very aware of the importance of good quality soil. "I was familiar with the TOPSOIL business and had heard some favourable reports, so I felt it was the right product for this prestigious project" he said. "It raked-out well and its high fertility level was very advantageous in ensuring fast establishment and growth of the shrubs and turf" he continued.

The Estate of Elton Hall lies in the heart of 3800 acres, straddling the Cambs and Northants border. The Hall, standing in landscaped parkland, has been in the Proby family since the 1600s.

TOPSOIL Trial at Writtle College

Led by Nigel Beckford and Simon Grundy, Senior Lecturers in Horticulture, National Diploma students at Writtle College in Essex have completed an evaluation of TOPSOIL products on their plot gardens.

The students used Landscape20 in a number of trial areas: to fill raised planters, backfill-turfing bays, establish a new rose garden and renovating a football goalmouth. The raised beds, constructed out of sleepers and concrete, were backfilled with it to a maximum depth of 60mm.

After digging out the existing soil, Landscape20, was placed to a depth of 500mm in the turfing bays. It was also spread by hand into the football pitch goalmouths then raked and seeded.

All the trials were successful and the students made several observations on the TOPSOIL product.

They found it well-graded and easy to handle straight from the stocking area. Once in place Landscape20 was very easy to rake with no stone picking or breaking down of lumps needed to form a manageable tilth. The raised planters experienced a minimal drop of only 20mm between their filling in July 2005 and their planting in November 2005. The students reported that they found the planting into Landscape20 easy and that it demonstrated good structure, drainage and moisture retention.

Although no specific test was undertaken, the students felt that germination rates and growth in the turf bays and goalmouth suggested a high level of nutrient availability from the product.

Bowls Club switches to TOPSOIL

King William Bowls Club, in Kings Lynn, Norfolk has become the first club to switch from traditional top dressing to TOPSOIL's 10mm screened soil, Sports10.

Previously, the club has used a sterilised top dressing for its autumn / winter maintenance programme. However, following a discussion on the TOPSOIL stand at the 2005 Saltex show, Eric Clarke, the clubs’s Groundsman and Secretary decided to be the first to try Sports10, TOPSOIL's 10mm-screened blend of sand (65%), silt (23%) and clay (12%).

Mr Clarke applied the product by hand in late September having first prepared the green and distributed grass seed. A wooden board and drag mat was then subsequently used to level the surface; best results being achieved by leaving a period of 24 hours between application and levelling. The new grass became established very quickly allowing a mowing schedule to be instated. "I am very impressed by this product" said Mr Clarke "during the spreading some balls of soil were formed, but leaving the soil for 24 hours before applying the levelling board and drag mat easily broke these up. The rate of growth from the grass has been amazing - it is a very fertile material. I was drawn to trying it as the cost of traditional dressings is a significant drain on our budget and this TOPSOIL product reduces my costs by over 50% - the club is delighted with the overall result."

Cambourne, Cambs

TOPSOIL has supplied the topdressing material for the maintenance of new sports pitches in Cambourne in Cambridgeshire.

The pitches were established two years ago on a fully-drained site of 40% clay as part of the continuing development of the new township that has received universal acclaim for its unique design. Their construction and maintenance was been overseen by sports turf consultant Melvyn Poole.

During the summer of 2005, the pitches received a topdressing application of 400 tonnes of Sports10 as part of a maintenance contract awarded to Pro-Scape, based near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk (www.pro-scape.co.uk).

The Sports10 came from TOPSOIL's Wissington site and is a 10mm screened sandy loam (72% sand / 22% silt / 6% clay). It was applied by spreading contractor Olly Neal from Bury St Edmunds, using a Bredal twin spinning disc spreader at a rate of 36 tonnes/acre.

Both Melvyn Poole and Pro-Scape’s MD, Errol Lovick were delighted with the result. Melvyn said “I chose this TOPSOIL product because I wanted a dressing containing silt and clay as well as sand. With no irrigation available, this blend will sustain the grass through the dry summer months as well as allowing the drainage of water during the winter.” Errol added “I was impressed with the overall service we received and in particular the evenness of the application that ensured good coverage without unnecessary waste.”

Alliance House, Newington Green, London

Essex-based landscaper, Stewart Landscape Solutions Ltd, has used TOPSOIL's Landscape20 to create a stunning scheme in the grounds of Alliance House, a new housing development in Newington Green, London.

Landscape architect Colvin & Moggridge designed and advised the Shaftsbury Housing Association on the scheme and the eight-month project was completed in the spring of 2005.

The approved scheme used a varied planting list and required over 500 tonnes of quality soil delivered out of TOPSOIL’s site in Bury St Edmunds. The design featured planted beds to a depth of 300mm and tree pits up to 800mm deep with an integral drainage layer.

Mark Richardson, owner of Stewart Landscaper Solutions, was delighted with how quickly the scheme became established saying “When taking on a project I always ask that I can specify and order the soil so I can be sure the specific planting scheme will be successful. The quality of the TOPSOIL product proved very consistent and the overall customer service from enquiry right through to post-delivery follow-up was superb."

Woodside School, East London

Woodside School in East London gained new soccer pitches through a DETR-funded Remediation Project on an ex-Victorian landfill site using TOPSOIL's Landscape20.

Dean & Dyball Construction, the prime contractor, initially obtained the necessary topsoil locally but they were very disappointed with its poor standard as it mainly comprised of demolition waste. The TOPSOIL Helpdesk was able to arrange for 9000 tonnes of Landscape20 to be delivered urgently in scheduled deliveries from its Wissington and Bury St Edmunds sites.

The soil was applied following site clearance and preparation which included the laying of a membrane beneath the surface. A laser-guided bulldozer was used for accurate suface-levelling.

Nigel Easter of Dean & Dyball said “This project was very important for the local community and our initial supply of topsoil caused us some considerable concern. In coming to our rescue so promptly, TOPSOIL enabled us to keep to our schedule. In particular, we were pleased with the efficiency of the deliveries in meeting our tight deadlines.”

Sandwell, W. Midlands

As part of a long-term improvement programme, the Council has used over 1000 tonnes of Landscape20 applied as a sportsfield dressing.

This has restored the playing surface of a number of pitches previously suffering from deep potholes and poor drainage. Many of these, such as the nine football pitches at Lion Farm Playing Fields - formerly a landfill site - can now be used several times a week by local teams without the surface becoming unplayable.

Steve West, of Sandwell Borough Council’s Leisure Services stated: “We were delighted with the performance of the TOPSOIL product, particularly as its quality has been so consistent and the service from British Sugar’s factories has been first-class. We’re already planning to use more of the product on other recreational grounds as part of our sports ground improvement programme.”

City of Manchester Stadium

Stewart Landscape Solutions Ltd, based in Halstead, Essex, won the landscape design scheme for an exciting executive flat development directly opposite the innovative City of Manchester Stadium. The scheme consisted of shrubs and semi-mature trees and was designed by David Fountain, a Gold Medal winner and Best in Show at RHS Chelsea and Tatton in 2001.

Mark Richardson, Stewart Landscape Solution’s owner, said, “Countryside Properties, the developer of the site, wanted an environment to complement the outstanding design of the stadium. We needed to get the basics right in order to give the chosen planting every chance to thrive; as such, we had no hesitation in choosing TOPSOIL which we know has such dependable quality.”

Chelmsford Borough Council

The initial order of 60 tonnes, supplied out of British Sugar’s Bury St Edmunds factory has been used to repair goalmouths and create new landscaping. Richard Whiting, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor said “ We’re responsible for 10 parks and over 50 sports pitches. We need a product that is capable of quickly establishing newly sown grass but as the areas are used by the general public we also have a duty of care to ensure that the soil is clean and sharps-free. We chose TOPSOIL as it consistently meets these standards, is competitively priced and delivered on time.”

Benefits of using Topsoil

Quality product

All TOPSOIL products are developed from the soil that adheres to the sugar beet delivered to British Sugar’s factories and as such comes from the best agricultural soils in the country. After separation, the soil undergoes a gravity settlement stage prior to a lengthy conditioning process and careful storage ready for delivery to you.