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Sports & Turf

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Sports & Turf is a registered trademark of British Sugar plc


Sports&Turf is a specific dressing blending 80% coarse to medium sub angular sand with 20% British Sugar TOPSOIL. This results in a 90% sand free draining fully analysed dressing for use on golf courses (fairways, tees and approaches), winter games pitches and lawns.



Sports&Turf is stored under cover ensuring it arrives at your project in optimum condition. To maintain the product’s consistency and ensure easy application it is advisable to keep it covered if it is not being used immediately.


Sports&Turf is designed to improve soil based playing surfaces and lawns.. The combination of a coarse to medium sub-angular sand mixed with British Sugar TOPSOIL gives good drainage whilst promoting grass establishment and growth.

Due to the stringent, fully-audited standards rigorously maintained throughout the TOPSOIL business, Sports&Turf has a dependable quality assured by regular independent analysis.

As a natural product Sports&Turf does contain annual weed seeds which will emerge. These are easily managed using normal weed-control methods.

Sports&Turf is independently analysed by both the STRI and Tim O’Hare Associates.

Weed Control:

All British Sugar’s TOPSOIL products are derived from prime arable soils and their natural fertility will encourage good plant growth but this does mean weeds need to be controlled.


View a typical analysis of Sports & Turf or contact the Helpdesk (0870 240 2314) for a free copy Click here to view
Benefits of using Topsoil

Quality product

All TOPSOIL products are developed from the soil that adheres to the sugar beet delivered to British Sugar’s factories and as such comes from the best agricultural soils in the country. After separation, the soil undergoes a gravity settlement stage prior to a lengthy conditioning process and careful storage ready for delivery to you.