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Looking after your TOPSOIL


Where possible, arrange for the topsoil to be delivered as needed rather than stockpiling it.


If stockpiling is unavoidable, prepare a designated, contaminant-free, dry area on high, level ground. Fence-off the area to stop it becoming a dumping ground. Do not run vehicles or mechanised equipment on stockpiles and, if possible, cover the area to protect it from excess rain.

Long-term storage

If storing for more than one month, reshape the stockpile to 3 metres in height and track over the finished surface to weatherproof the topsoil.

Laying the topsoil

Take account of the following to ensure a successful project:

  • Avoid handling the topsoil in wet conditions
  • Always work way from freshly-laid topsoil to reduce compaction
  • Minimise human & mechanical trafficing on freshly-laid topsoil
  • When seeding the topsoil, lightly cultivate and level the surface then consolidate for good seed/soil contact
  • When turfing or planting, lightly cultivate the topsoil and then place boards on the surface. These will consolidate the topsoil but reduce compaction by spreading your weight

Post-application care

Don't abandon your project - maximise your investment and its future sustainability with a planned, disciplined approach:

  • Cordon off all prepared and planted areas
  • Fertilise in accordance with your planting scheme
  • Water regularly, even if the area is damp

Weed Control

All British Sugar’s TOPSOIL products are derived from prime arable soils and their natural fertility will encourage good plant growth but this does mean weeds need to be controlled. This is particularly important in the early stages of seeding to allow the sown grasses/species to thrive; if left unchecked the weeds will outcompete the grass or plants.

Within areas sown to grasses, the control of annual weeds is normally achieved by regular cutting/mowing. Control in planted areas is achieved by mulching; if a herbicide is used, please check the label for efficacy and application.

Benefits of using Topsoil

Quality product

All TOPSOIL products are developed from the soil that adheres to the sugar beet delivered to British Sugar’s factories and as such comes from the best agricultural soils in the country. After separation, the soil undergoes a gravity settlement stage prior to a lengthy conditioning process and careful storage ready for delivery to you.