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Golf Course: Bunker Construction

Landscape20’s sandy loam texture makes it a very easy to work with topsoil. It is easy to handle and consolidate into the shape needed.

The fertile nature of the topsoil promotes quick establishment and impressive growth rates.

Features Benefits
Compliant to BS3882:2015 Consistent product gives consistent results
Typically Sandy Loam texture Holds moisture in summer
Free-draining in winter
Fertile Good growth
Fully analysed Ensures confidence that product meets project & regulatory spec
No chemical contamination Safe
Ideal for brownfield sites
Available all-year round No project downtime
Low stone content Eliminates stone-picking
Consistent texture Even germination & uniform planting results
No sharps Safe


Golf Course: Dressing

Sports & Turf is a dressing that is ideal for use on soil based fairways, approaches and tees.

A blend of 80% medium to coarse sub angular sand with 20% British Sugar TOPSOIL providing the optimum environment for see establishment and growth.

80:20 Sand/Soil Mix Free Draining and Easy to Apply
Sub-angular Sand Open and Free-draining. Less Likely to Cap
Screened to 10mm Open Friable Structure
Course and Medium Sand 67%

247mm/hr Drainage Rate

Wont Block or Cap Existing Underlying Substrate

20% Soil

Promotes and Sustains Growth

Nutrient Retentive

Assists Seed Establishment

STRI Analysed Peace of Mind
Perculation Rate of 247mm/hr Water Freely Moves Through the Surface

Benefits of using Topsoil

Quality product

All TOPSOIL products are developed from the soil that adheres to the sugar beet delivered to British Sugar’s factories and as such comes from the best agricultural soils in the country. After separation, the soil undergoes a gravity settlement stage prior to a lengthy conditioning process and careful storage ready for delivery to you.