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Calculating how much TOPSOIL you need

Bulk Density

When delivered British Sugar TOPSOIL has a bulk density of 1.2 tonne/m3

Click here to view the methodology and trial used to determine the bulk density value

Weight / volume conversion:

Consolidated/ placed TOPSOIL:

1m3 consolidated TOPSOIL = 1.7 tonnes

1 tonne TOPSOIL = 0.6 m3 consolidated

Use the following as a guide for ordering the correct amount of TOPSOIL:

1 cubic metre = 1.7 tonne of TOPSOIL

1. Calculate the cubic volume (m3) (width x length x depth)

2. Multiply this cubic volume by 1.7 to estimate the tonnage required

Now that you have calculated how much Topsoil you need take a look at our Product Range

Landscape20,  Hort Loam, Sports & Turf, Lawn Dressing

The methodology and trial document to determine Bulk Density Click here to view
Our Site Access Considerations leaflet Click here to view
Landscape20 - A general-purpose. high-quality topsoil, compliant to BS3882:2015 Click here to find out more
Benefits of using Topsoil

Quality product

All TOPSOIL products are developed from the soil that adheres to the sugar beet delivered to British Sugar’s factories and as such comes from the best agricultural soils in the country. After separation, the soil undergoes a gravity settlement stage prior to a lengthy conditioning process and careful storage ready for delivery to you.